There couldn’t be two better ladies to present our workshops. Miss Zyen en miss Skye are proof that girls rock.

Meet Luca, our first participant. Talented and fun he managed to make 3 candle lights in 1 workshop.

First workshop of 2016 with our biggest class, our youngest participant and most creative ladies. This was a sublime start of 2016.

Date: January 3 2016
Music: Jack Johnson – The 3 R’s

For booking and/or inquiries:

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2 thoughts on “WORKSHOPS

  1. Bon tardi ruman konta? Mi tbt wonder si bo ta duna workshop, kuantu hende minimaal, orario, kual ta e dia nan anto dimes e prijs tambe.
    Bo arte ta bunita mi a pp ku bo na e concert di levi ayera bo a splika mi e simbolo nan tbt great.
    Thanks alvast.


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